Pay stub poem- 3/21/90

This poem was written on the back of a paycheck stub ($5.15/hr) because when the poem came to me, I had nothing else to write on. A friend of mine later turned it into a song and used to perform it at open mic performances.

Paystub poem- 3/21/90

Paystub poem- 3/21/90

The bottom of the check stub, below the poem, has two magazines I sent the poem to… both politely declined to print it.

For those who can’t read the terrible handwriting, here’s the poem-

She turned to walk away

And she couldn’t see

The tears in his eyes

Or the pain in his soul.

It was the longest walk

She would ever take,

As she crossed the room

To the door.

He was blind

To the swelling

Hurt in her breaking heart,

So they were both

Ignoring the other’s burden,

Failing to see

Any other side.

He felt his heart beating in his hands

And when he opened them

He found nothing but cool emptiness,

As tears streamed down his face.

She couldn’t see my pain

And I refused hers

Because I was blind

To everything but my own loneliness.


1 Response to “Pay stub poem- 3/21/90”

  1. 1 DebInDenver
    August 18, 2008 at 3:43 AM

    You know, when people talk about authenticity in social media, I think they see that as communicating in their present voice through e-mail, microblogging, blogging – about what they are thinking/feeling right now. Connecting us to your past voice through the present medium – that’s something we all need to learn how to do. How many people have papers and journals in boxes somewhere and their history, experiences and thoughts unheard? Your work starts a path for others to follow!

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